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Articles on Weight Loss

Weight Loss Eating Tips
so you won't get fat or stay fat



  • Eat Breakfast EVERY DAY. Never Skip It! This gives your body the fuel it needs to start the day
  • Eat protein as your main breakfast food
  • Breakfast On-The-Run: Protein powder – Almond  milk – Blueberries
  • Use Turkey bacon . . . It contains half the fat calories! And no more regular Eggs & Bacon
  • Egg whites instead of whole eggs in your scramble or omelet
  • Almond milk, no soy or whole milk
  • Dinner left-overs are great, but no rice. A slice of cheese or meat pizza is fine


  • Say NO to white breads, choose whole grain or sprouted bread
  • Hold the side of French fries; add a side of veggies to your sandwich
  • Instead of cheese use avocado
  • No more mayonnaise . . . get some gourmet mustards . . . I have about 5 open jars of mustard in my kitchen at any one time and I love to mix them up
  • Hummus spread or olive spread can be used just like mayo, or even bruschetta topping...YUM!
  • Always order corn tortillas instead of flour . . . less carbs and calories!
  • No more Fried Foods . . . get them OUT of your diet
  • Accompany your sandwich with a fresh salad, fruit bowl or veggies
  • In a restaurant, do NOT order fries or chips
  • Great Snack Tip: Mix beans together and make a bean salad.
  • If at a Mexican restaurant – eliminate the rice and add extra beans. Then eat to your heart’s content!
  • ALWAYS get dressing on the side OR bring your own
  • Stay away from foods that say Low Fat on the label . . . they substitute sugar for the fat!
  • Eat a plate of veggies EVERY DAY. Revamp your veggies! Steam them one day, sauté them the next! Buy the babies, they are tenderer and take less time to cook
  • Indulge in sweeter veggies: yams, squash and peas


  • Buy a great dressing and thin it out by adding lemon juice or vinaigrette.  Champagne vinaigrette is delicious!
  • Make veggies your main dish, NOT side dish
  • Turkey chili! YUM!  I have a great recipe. You can write me and I’ll send it to you or you can find great recipes online.
  • Use 90% ground beef – it has the least fat
  • Sweet potatoes or yams.  Baked sweet potatoes fries save about 300 calories from French Fries
  • Turkey meatballs
  • Grilled Portobello mushrooms
  • Salad dressing: balsamic vinegar dressing….save 100 calories
  • Don’t put a lot of toppings on your salad like bacon, dried fruit, cheese
  • Always sit while eating and stop cleaning your plate. Tip: eating with chopsticks will slow your intake
  • Spaghetti Squash is a healthy choice and is delicious topped with your favorite red sauce
  • Avoid breaded chicken or fish. Grill them with a splash of lemon instead
  • Bake your veggies…mix them all together, 1 Tbsp olive oil and spices.  Yum!
  • Split an entrée with your mate or friend and save ½ the calories or take ½ home and have it for breakfast
  • Eat the same thing often . . . cuts down on overeating
  • ALWAYS skip the bread. If you must give in, choose whole wheat
  • No croutons – cut carrots or cucumbers are a great substitute and are just as crunchy!
  • Lay down your fork after every bite
  • NEVER eat in your car.  If it comes in thru your car window, consider it to be NOT food


  • Carrots or bell peppers dipped in Hummus, salsa or guacamole
  • By the way 1 avocado per week can help you lower your cholesterol by 100 points  (People’s Pharmacy, LA Times)
  • Greek yogurt with 1 Tbsp of fruit-only jam (I like to add my PGX crystals to this and it turns thick and keeps you satisfied for hours)
  • Almond Butter with roasted flaxseed on triscuits
  • Air popped pop corn – sea salt and olive oil popcorn can be addictive!
  • CRUNCH!   Chew, chew, chew! Snap peas are great!
  • Nuts are good! They do contain fat, But not carbs!
  • Bring your own popcorn to the movies!  Can save over 1000 calories, maybe more. If questioned, say you are on a special diet J
  • Low-carb protein bars.  Atkins bars are great and so many flavors to choose from!
  • Few pieces of dark chocolate can really give ANY craving the cold-shoulder
  • Frozen grapes are a great snack and taste like candy! But don’t eat too many
  • Flavored Iced tea is so refreshing . . . Raspberry is my favorite. Hold the sugar, please!
  • Never drink your fruit! Eat the fruit in its whole form, not fruit juice!
  • No sports drinks or vitamin waters, they contain SO MUCH SUGAR
  • Drink green tea . . . boosts metabolism and helps with weight loss.  3 cups per day is best.


Additional Tips:

  • Add PGX Crystals to any moist food. It will keep you full and satisfied longer throughout the day. It is even mentioned on the Dr. Oz Show!
  • Have cravings? Add the supplements 5-HTP, GABA or L-Tyrosine