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Articles on Weight Loss

Weight Gain Overview

Weight gain is a very common concern shared by many women as they age. Women complain not only about weight gains from 10-40 pounds, but also the change in the shape of their bodies. The fat accumulates around the stomach, buttocks and thighs rather than being evenly distributed over their entire body.

When hormones become unbalanced and estrogen dominance occurs, the average man or woman may add 1-2 pounds per year between ages 35 and 55. This weight goes right around the middle and can be almost nuclear as far as losing the weight until hormones are balanced.


You do NOT have to accept the“middle-aged spread”.
You do NOT have to get heavier and heavier with each passing year. Both women and men can use natural progesterone crème to counter-balance the weight-gaining effects of estrogen dominance.
You can lose those extra pounds!

With progesterone use:
• A metabolic response is triggered at the cellular level that will allow weight loss to occur
• It acts as a natural diuretic, reducing bloating
• Insulin release is regulated, reducing food cravings and normalizing blood sugar

If you have been using progesterone and have not lost weight or still have cravings, you should address your serotonin levels which may be low. There is an established connection between hormones, weight, and mood and a serotonin-raising diet can be your answer.

Read the article: The Hormone, Weight & Brain Connection for more on this.