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Progesterone & Irregular Periods


Since using progesterone cream, my period always comes a few days before it is due. Lately it has become irregular and I’ve had some spotting. Before I went on the cream, my period always came a few days after it was due, but very regular. What does this mean?

Do not assume that you should have a “normal” 28 day cycle.

According to Dr. William Hrushevsky, a researcher who specializes in the timing of women’s cycles, normal menstrual cycles range from 17-32 days. Every woman is different; cycles can be longer or shorter. It is recommended that you use the cream based on your normal cycle. This will eliminate “early” periods when using the progesterone cream.

Dr. Hurshevsky also says that the day between menstruation and ovulation varies, but the days between ovulation and the onset of bleeding is consistently 2 weeks.

Therefore: To calculate when to begin your progesterone cream, figure out when the end of your normal cycle would be, then count back 2 weeks (14 days). That usually is right when you are ovulating. Begin using the cream on that day.



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