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Why Should I Use a Creme? Can't I Just Take a Pill?

Studies have shown that transdermal delivery (absorbed thought the skin) can achieve a higher absorption rate than when taken orally. When substances are taken orally, the stomach, liver and digestive system discard much of the benefits. So many women do better on the cream form. He studies revealed that when some

The Progesterone in a pill goes directly to the liver and about 20% is absorbed. Thus it is necessary to take 100 mg of progesterone in a pill form to get approximately 20 mg into your cells. Then your body has to deal with the process of getting rid of the excess metabolites generated by the oral version, potentially over working an already overtaxed liver.

I have talked to many women who have used oral progesterone in the form of Prometrium. The main complaint? “It made me drowsy.” Also, “I feel so bloated.” That is because it comes in 100 mg. strength and if you are a woman with high dose of progesterone which can cause drowsiness. The appropriate dose should make you feel calm but energetic.

Almost universally, women love using their progesterone crème. If the crème is well made it will have skin-softening benefits as well.

Natural progesterone is a small, fat-soluble molecule, which is readily absorbed through the skin. It passes directly into the skin to the subcutaneous fat layers, the to blood circulation without having to pass through the liver (as with oral forms). Progesterone is in your blood stream in one or two minutes.