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Hormone Users Face New Cancer Risks Years Later
Synthetic hormones are in the news again!

You may recall that after the startling statistics emerged from the Women’s Health Initiative Study regarding the harmful effects of synthetic hormones, the pharmaceutical companies disparaged the results of the study. They maintained that the study was somehow “skewed” and the results were misinterpreted in a negative way.

The first follow–up of the WHI study has been completed and, once again, the news is not good for the pharmaceutical companies. New risks were found for cancers other than breast cancer for women who took estrogen-progestin pills for about 5 years, particularly lung cancer. Breast cancer continues to be a risk.

These risks “were completely unanticipated” said Dr. Gerardo Heiss of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, lead author of the follow-up analysis. The analysis focused on participants health in the first 2-3 years after the WHI study’s end. During that time, those who had taken hormones but stopped were 24% more likely to develop any kind of cancer than women who had taken placebos during the study.

The results suggest that former hormone users need to be vigilant about getting cancer screenings, including mammograms. “Vigilance is justified, Heiss said. “No alarm, but vigilance”

The initial study of about 17,000 postmenopausal women was designed to examine pros and cons of taking hormone pills, specifically Prem-Pro. It was halted in 2002 when more breast cancers, heart attacks and related problems were found n hormone users versus nonusers. There were some heath benefits, but the follow-up found that those faded after women stopped taking the pills.

These new results send the same message we have been advocating here at PRN ever since the WHI studies were published. HEALTH RISKS FROM ESTROGEN-PROGESTIN PILLS OUTWEIGH ANY BENEFITS!

Please, if you know of anyone who is taking synthetic hormones, tell them that medical doctors agree. They should be using synthetic hormones AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE DOSE FOR THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME.

Let’s make sure our daughters and granddaughters, sisters, family, and friends move forward into hormone health.