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Articles on Hormone Balance

Hormone Myths

Complied by John R. Lee M. D.

Earlier Position of Conventional Medicine Present Position

HRT prevents heart disease.

HRT is no better than placebo for preventing heart disease.
(JAMA 1998; 280:605-613)

Estrogen or HRT does not cause breast cancer.

Estrogen increases one's risk of breast cancer. (JAMA 2000; 283-485-497).

Estrogen levels decline prior to menopause.

Estrogen levels do not decline but are more variable prior to menopause.(Endocrine Reviews 1998; 19:397-428).

Estrogen falls to near zero after menopause.

2/3 of women aged 65 to 80 have adequate estrogen levels. Bioavailability is the problem.

(NEJM 1998; 339: 733-8).

Serum tests are the gold standard for measuring estrogen ability.

Serum estrogen tests do not account for inhibition by protein binding.

(NEJM 1998; 339: 733-738).

Estrogen is a good treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Estrogen does nothing for Alzheimer's disease. (JAMA 2000; 283: 1007-1015).

Evista (raloxifene) is a good treatment for osteoporosis.

Evista does nothing for non-vertebral fracture risk. (JAMA 1999; 282: 637-645).

Evista (raloxifene) is safe.

Evista increases incidence of hot flashes, leg cramps, venous thromboemboli and infections. (JAMA 1999; 282 637-645).

Osteoporosis is caused by lack of estrogen.

Osteoporosis starts 10-15 years before menopause, at time when estrogen levels are still high (all references agree).