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Herbal Support in Progesterone Creams

The following are helpful herbal supports in a progesterone cream

Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry can decrease menstrual bleeding, relax uterine and intestinal spasms, and strengthen uterine walls. Red raspberry also promotes healthy nails, bones, teeth and skin and, because it contains so many bone builders, it may retard osteoporosis.

Dandelion Root and Leaf

Dandelion Root and Leaf can strengthen the liver, aid digestion and help cool off hot flashes. Dandelion also helps promote healthy breasts and clear skin. It's also rich in bone-building minerals and cancer-preventing carotenes


Chamomile acts as a relaxant for the nervous system and menopause-related stress and anxiety. Chamomile promotes calmness and well-being. May be used as a natural preservative in progesterone creams.


The antioxidants contained in rosemary help to protect your body's cells from damage by free radicals. It may help prevent cancer and age-related skin damage, boost the functioning of the liver and act as a mild diuretic to help reduce swelling. May be used as a natural preservative in progesterone creams.