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Articles on Breast Health

Breast Health Overview

The breasts contain many hormone receptors (progesterone and estrogen) and are affected by small changes in hormone balance. Breasts are a good barometer to guide you with your hormonal balancing. In fact many women use sensations in their breasts to assess their progesterone dosage. Breasts tend to feel very “full” or “swollen” when the body is in a state of estrogen dominance. When progesterone to estradiol levels are in balance, this swelling and tenderness disappears, and breasts feel “normal” throughout the menstrual cycle.

Breast tissue is extremely vascular and, therefore, progesterone absorbs very quickly into the blood stream and surrounding tissue. If you have breast pain, natural progesterone experts suggest that you try rubbing small amounts of progesterone cream directly onto your breasts several times a day to target breast tissue and oppose estrogen’s action in the body. Lumpy and painful breasts can be treated using 40mg of natural progesterone cream per day for about 2-3 months. Often breast tissue reverts to normal in many women. You can then maintain optimal breast health using by using as little as 20mg/day.