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Birth Control Pills & Libido
Long & Short Term Effects

Oral Contraception (OC) causes an increase in the production of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and these levels do not return to normal when the birth control pills are stopped.

A study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, measured the levels of 124 pre-menopausal women with sexual health complaints, included 62 women who had been taking OC for longer than 6 months and 39 women who had taken it for longer than 6 months and then had stopped their use.

The results showed that the continued OC users had SHBG values four times higher than individuals who have never used birth control pills. The former users experienced a drop in SHBG levels after the OC was stopped, but the value elevated several months later relative to the never users.

Chronic SHBG elevations may be associated with long-term effects on sexual, metabolic, and mental status of women.


Journal of Sexual Medicine; 3:104-113.