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35 Symptoms of Menopause
How to Eliminate Stress
Eliminating Hot Flashes
Low DHEA Tied To Sexual Dysfunction
Progesterone Cream Provides Menopause Relief
Try Pycnogenol for Hot Flashes
Sleepless Nights? Progesterone May Help You Say Good Night to Insomnia!
Facial Hair
Vaginal Dryness
Hair Loss in Women
DHEA May Help Midlife Depression
Urinary Tract Infections
Hysterectomies: What You Need to Know
Peri-menopause OR Menopause - Which One Are You?
Mother's Age at Menopause Linked to Fertility of Her Daughter
Anti-Depressant Drug Approved For Treament of Hot Flashes

The Hormone, Weight & Brain Connection
The Good Mood Diet Really Works
DHEA and Weight
Waist Size linked to Prostate Problems
Weight Gain: Estrogen Dominance & Your Increasing Waist Line
Weight Loss Eating Tips
Why We Get Fat & Stay Fat
America's Fat Alert - We're Getting Fatter
Types of Overeaters.
Which One Are You?
The Skinny on Newly Approved Obestiy Drugs


Natural Relief From Depression and Anxiety
DHEA May Help Midlife Depression
Anxiety Related to Hormones
Depression, Hormones & Brain Chemistry
Anti-Depressant Drug Approved For Treament of Hot Flashes



Discovery of Natural Progesterone
Conditions & Instructions
Natural Progesterone
Herbal Support in Progesterone Creams
Progesterone and Irregular Cycles
Progesterone Strengths and Dosages
Red Clover Phytoestrogens
Bio-Identical Hormone Study
John R. Lee - The Father of Natural Progesterone
The Debate on Natural Progesterone
Progesterone and Stroke
Progesterone May Help Traumatic Brain Injury
Young Women Can Benefit From Bioidentical Hormones Too


Hormones and Their Function in the Body
Knowing Your Menstrual Cycle
Hormone Pathways
Hormone Myths
Estrogen Dominance
What happens to Estrogen Levels at Menopause?
Do I Need Hormone Testing Before Using a Natural Progesterone?
Young Women Can Benefit From Bioidentical Hormones Too

DHEA Supplements Improve Cardiovascular Markers in Men
Do You Have Prostate Problems?
Flaxseed Slows Prostate Tumor Growth
Hair Loss in Men Related to Hormones
Lycopene Stops BPH in its Tracks
Natural Support for a Healthy Prostate
Pesticides & Insecticides Can Decrease Fertility in Men
Pomegranate Improves Sperm Quality
Powerhouse Foods for Preventing Prostate Cancer
Progesterone Cream for Men
Waist Size & Prostate Problems
Help! My Prostate is Enlarging,
My Hair is Thinning! Is This You?


History of HRT
What's going on with Synthetic HRT?
Top 10 Reasons to Get Off Synthetic Hormones
Birth Control Pills
Birth Control Pills & Libido
Birth Control Patch Label Warns of Risk
FDA Updates Labeling for Ortho Evra Contraceptive Patch
Award in Synthetic Hormone Replacement Suit
Hormone Users Face New Cancer Risks Years Later
Synthetic HRT Containing Progestin Blamed for Hearing Loss
Wyeth's Menopause Drugs on Trial
Commonly Prescibed Synthetic Hormones
How to Wean Off Synthetic Hormones
Pills vs. Cremes
Why Not Take Estrogen Alone?
Safety and Efficacy of
Bio-Identical Hormones
Versus Synthetic HRT

Heavy Bleeding
Severe Cramping
PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
Irregular Menstrual Cycles
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Ovarian Cysts
Uterine Fibroids
FDA Approves Pill to Stop Period

Bone Health and Diet
Bone Health Study Graph
Changes for Stronger and Healthier Bones!
Fosamax: Serious Side Effects
Green Tea Promotes Bone Growth
Men and Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis - Based on Research by Dr. John R. Lee
Study Shows DHEA Can Help Improve Bone Density


Breast Calcifications
Breast Cancer Rates decline as Women Discontinue Synthetics!
Breast Tenderness
Breast Tenderness During Hormone Replacement Therapy Linked to Elevated Cancer Risk
Fibrocystic Breasts...
Green Tea May Shield Against Breast Cancer
More Than 200 Common Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer

Puberty at 8? Earlier Puberty Puts Girls at Higher Risk for Cancer

Soy Shouldn't Scare Off Breast Cancer Survivors
Top 10 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer

Adrenal Fatigue - Signs & Symptoms
Adrenal Fatigue Questionaire
How to Eat with Adrenal Fatigue
How to Recovery from Adrenal Fatigue

A Simple Test of Thyroid Function
Symptoms of Under-Active Thyroid
The Role of Thyroid in the Hormonal Cascade
Do You Have a Low or Sluggish Thyroid?

Miscarriages & Progesterone
Progesterone Levels During Pregnancy
Studies Show Progesterone Supports Pregnancy for Infertile Women
Mother's Age at Menopause Linked to Fertility of Her Daughter